CoAPthon’s documentation!

CoAPthon is a python library to the CoAP protocol compliant with the RFC.


If you use CoAPthon software in your research, please cite:

G.Tanganelli, C. Vallati, E.Mingozzi, “CoAPthon: Easy Development of CoAP-based IoT Applications with Python”, IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2015)

Software available at

What is implemented

  • CoAP server
  • CoAP client
  • CoAP to CoAP Forward proxy
  • CoAP to CoAP Reverse Proxy
  • HTTP to CoAP Forward Proxy
  • Caching feature
  • Observe feature
  • CoRE Link Format parsing
  • Multicast server discovery
  • Blockwise feature

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